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A list of common questions people have asked about our service.

Q: What is an integrative solutions negotiation?
A: A negotiation that seeks to find win-win solutions or reach agreements that all parties find acceptable and therefore doesn’t rely on each party insisting their position is the right one and conducting the negotiation process on that basis. That route ultimately ends up being to the detriment of unexplored positive and shared alternatives or at worst no settlement at all.

Q: What can be negotiated?
A: Negotiations can involve decisions on terms of employment, the price of goods and services, the terms of commercial contracts, real estate, settling personal or commercial disputes.

Q: What are the benefits of negotiating?
A: Improved communications, better problem solution processes, increased trust, improved relationships. It can help parties come to mutually beneficial agreements that meets the needs of both parties.

Q: What is an independent negotiation service?
A: NNZ provides a wide range of negotiative services including mentoring, assisting with negotiable processes to do with a whole range of agreement seeking circumstances including commercial, business, property, or personal related matters.

Q: Is Negotiate NZ (NNZ) a real estate organisation?
A: No, part of NNZ service is a property advisory service and negotiating service and is not affiliated to and has
no commercial agreements with any real estate organisation.

Q: Does NNZ form of service differ from the legal profession?
A: NNZ works with any professional body and recommends clients maintain legal advice for any matter related to property agreements, matrimonial, business contracts, compliancing or any other aspect that touches on investments or legal obligations.

Q: Does NNZ negotiation process include a written or email format for clients?
A: yes, in certain circumstances, if these types of communications are considered applicable or required.

Q: How does NNZ charge for its services?
A: NMZ charges are fee (not commission) based, plus any costs.

Q: Does NNZ offer a no obligation preliminary scoping meeting.
A: Yes, NNZ considers this most important as it provides valuable background information and allows clients to fully understand our negotiation process.

Q: Is my information treated confidentially, regardless of any negotiation outcome?
A. Yes, this is part of NNZ’s operational practice.

Q: Can negotiations or meetings be conducted online, Team Meeting, Skype, Zoom?
A: Yes, the decision about a how or where is part of a best outcome test.

Q: Is there a secret to successful negotiations?
A: Yes, it starts with a willingness to understand and respect the other party’s point of view.

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